If you spare some time in academia and science process, you see how your seeing of others and yourself changes in time. Sometimes it is good to have a sight from different angle. I passed some different positions and I imagine how could feel others.

So I displayed our everyday life a little bit humorous. Maybe it is not always perfectly matched because of differences between countries and particular labs, however I did it in satiric and extreme way, do not take it literally or offensive ;)

But mainly enjoy, have fun and spot on!


How people in science see each other

How people in science see each other


I like to thank @kejames, who tweeted, she would have liked to see something like this, but for science. And thank to all wildly mentioning it on twitter.

Firstly it appeared on twitpic and started with this tweet. However it have had so huge feedback, I made it blog too :) Feel free to spread pic on your blogs, labs or colleges and if you do not mind reffer to this blog post.

As some of you wanted to print it, the highest resolution and quality image is available.